Preparing for the Group Workout

Round two of the Wednesday night group workouts is tonight… Here is the description of the workout we were emailed- This week’s workout will be led by David and Jeff. They will run you through this educational and difficult workout on stability, balance, core, and much more.

I love that they even tell us in the email to be prepared for a difficult workout! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t necessarily mind a tough workout (even if I hate it while I’m doing it I’m always glad I got through it in the end). I would just rather not suffer in front of a group of people!

In the spirit of learning to love group workouts (or at least not spend the whole week stressing about the next one) I am trying to remember that working with the group will encourage me to work harder. I will also remember that everyone in the group is there to support each other. After all, I’m certainly hope I won’t be the only one suffering tonight. I know I will eventually love the camaraderie of the group and in the meantime I just need to put on my big girl pants, stop being so self-conscious, and get over my fear of group workouts 🙂

About triingtochange

I swim, I bike, I run, I've participated in triathlons and I'm starting to get used to calling myself a triathlete. Triathlon training has made a lot of positive changes in my lifestyle, my friendships, my outlook on life and my frame of mind. I still have a long way to go, but that's why I'm TRI-ing to change! Join my on my journey to Ironman Arizona 2013!
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