My New Bike

I’m sitting on my couch staring at my new bike and thinking about how crazy it is that I actually own this bike.

Trek Speed Concept 9.5
(Ignore the fact that pedals haven’t been switched out yet) 🙂

If you had told me three or four years ago that I would be willing to invest a fairly substantial amount of money on a bike I would have laughed. I had a friend who reminded me all night about all the other things I could have spent that money on. And it’s true. I could have done a lot with that money, but triathlon has become a huge part of my life and this is where I chose to invest my money. I’ve been saving for a new bike and I’m happy with the purchase.

I did my first duathlon on a mountain bike and my first triathlon on a borrowed road bike. Now I own a “fancy” bike and it’s just another reminder that I’m actually putting a plan into motion that’s going to help me reach a goal I’ve had for a number of years. I still have to pinch myself when I say I’m training for an Ironman. Me… the person who a few years ago couldn’t even swim one length of a pool. I’m actually going to do this and looking at my bike is another reminder of this.

I wasn’t really planning on buying the bike the day Laura and I walked into Machinery Row (one of our local bike stores). We went there so Laura could look at arm warmers and I walked out with a new bike 🙂 I’ve been on the fence for a while trying to decide if I should get a nice TT bike or spend the money to get a new road bike and get a less expensive TT bike. There are a lot of hills around here and I’m still not a good hill climber. In a lot of ways I thought it made more sense to get a new road bike. I’m doing Ironman on a flat course though, so having a TT bike made sense too. Laura and I literally spent hours at Machinery Row while I debated this. With the help of the sales person (Amber – who was awesome), texting with a lot of friends and talking it over with Laura we decided that doing any hill training on my heavier, entry level road bike would make a fancy new bike seem even lighter and faster.

I’m excited to start riding it. I went out for a really short ride the day after I got it just to try it out. I haven’t switched out the pedals just yet, thinking that it would be better to get used to the gearing, braking and handling without actually being attached to the bike. And I still have to schedule a bike fiting to get it properly fitted. I’m not sure if it was just knowing that I was on a TT bike, that I was in “aero” position, or that I must have looked like I actually knew what I was doing but I felt fast on it! It will be interesting to see if I am actually any faster once I start doing some of my old routes.

Considering it’s October in Wisconsin my time is limited for outdoor rides this season. Indoor cycling classes start in November and my pretty new bike and I will have a winter of cycling to bond.

About triingtochange

I swim, I bike, I run, I've participated in triathlons and I'm starting to get used to calling myself a triathlete. Triathlon training has made a lot of positive changes in my lifestyle, my friendships, my outlook on life and my frame of mind. I still have a long way to go, but that's why I'm TRI-ing to change! Join my on my journey to Ironman Arizona 2013!
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2 Responses to My New Bike

  1. Carrie says:

    So exciting! Even though I love my Trek road bike, I’m thinking about getting a tri-specific bike within the next couple of years. Since Trek is a brand I know, I’d probably lean toward getting their tri model, so I can’t wait to hear what you think. 🙂

  2. Zeus says:

    That’s a nice ride!

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