This is Life

I feel like I’ve been so busy living life lately, that I haven’t found the time to write about it… which was the whole point of this blog!

As far as my workouts… Waking up every morning with a workout laid out for me is still the best thing ever! It gives me the confidence to know that I will make it through the next year and cross the finish line next November. Follow the plan… Trust in the plan šŸ™‚ Of course, when my plan says easy 3-mile run it’s even easier to love the plan. (Just wait until it says 15 or 20 mile run and then ask me how I feel about the plan)!

Having a coach and a plan also gives me more accountability. There have been a few workouts on the plan that I haven’t been thrilled about doing (ok, maybe only one) but I did it because it was on the plan. And a few days after the workout I was finally able to look back on it and realize it was probably good for me to push myself a little and jump out of my comfort zone.

I probably also would not be using this lovely torture device as often if it weren’t on the plan.

It turns out just rolling back and forth on a foam roller is not exactly what you’re supposed to do. Who knew?? I thought just rolling on it was painful enough… And then I learned how I should be using it. Now my neighbors probably think I’m being tortured in my living room twice a week. But it’s on the plan so I’m doing it!

And of course there’s my bike! There will be a whole post about the bike and that decision-making process shortly…

About triingtochange

I swim, I bike, I run, I've participated in triathlons and I'm starting to get used to calling myself a triathlete. Triathlon training has made a lot of positive changes in my lifestyle, my friendships, my outlook on life and my frame of mind. I still have a long way to go, but that's why I'm TRI-ing to change! Join my on my journey to Ironman Arizona 2013!
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2 Responses to This is Life

  1. Carrie says:

    I’m a type-A person, so I *love* having a plan. I feel much more confident in the workout–and in my abilities–knowing exactly what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. And an easy three-mile run sounds glorious to me, too! šŸ™‚

  2. Zeus says:

    Well, I guess you can say that you are being tortured in your living room! Lol!

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