Endurance Athletes Might Be A Little Crazy

First, let’s all take a moment to pause since I’m actually considering myself an endurance athlete! As I was getting ready for my mile swim this morning I was thinking a lot about endurance athletes and how crazy we must seem to other people. I got up this morning, made my morning smoothie with so many different ingredients that it’s impossible to keep track these days, followed the smoothie with a pile of vitamins and supplements and was out the door and in the pool before the sun came up. (Granted this time of year it’s easy to be anywhere before the sun). On Sunday my friend Laura and I biked. In October. In Wisconsin. It was not one of those warm Indian Summer days either… It was chilly and windy when we started. And my training for the next year has only begun.

I trained for a half-Ironman this year and I have friends training for Ironman races, marathons and other distance races this year. Most of us run outside all year round (in the frozen tundra of WI). We run outside in the rain, in the heat, in the cold and in the snow. I’ve biked during some incredibly windy days and jumped into some incredibly cold lakes and pools. We spend as much time training on a weekend day as we would in the office on a work day. And the best part about all of this?? We all love doing it and love to tell these stories. Conversations with friends these days tend to range from how to get enough protein in our diet, blisters, toe nails falling off, workout nutrition options, how many miles or hours we spent swimming, biking or running or how we “just” have to run file miles.

I’m not sure I will ever get over my amazement that I’m actually training for an Ironman. I am now one of those people that signs up for a cycling class at 7:00 AM on Saturday mornings, that drinks vegetables in my morning smoothies, and realizes  that before I know it I’m going to be back to two workouts a day and long training weekends.


About triingtochange

I swim, I bike, I run, I've participated in triathlons and I'm starting to get used to calling myself a triathlete. Triathlon training has made a lot of positive changes in my lifestyle, my friendships, my outlook on life and my frame of mind. I still have a long way to go, but that's why I'm TRI-ing to change! Join my on my journey to Ironman Arizona 2013!
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One Response to Endurance Athletes Might Be A Little Crazy

  1. Carrie says:

    Amen, sister! I love this post! To me, the treadmill is mere steps away from death, so I run outside too in any and all conditions. Hey, you never know what the weather will be like on race-day, and you want to have experience dealing will different conditions, right? I’ve done a handful of sprint tris, which are only the tip of the triathlon iceberg, and I know long weekend rides and runs could become necessary when I sign up for a half-Iron. The saying, “it takes one to know one” definitely applies to triathletes. 🙂

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