Diet Changes – How’s it going?

I thought since I had my computer open, the day off from work and the sun and breeze on my deck, I would keep doing blog updates and give a quick update on my diet over the past month or so.

A few months ago there were some days when I was almost ready to quit Ironman training. I just felt pretty miserable before, during and after every workout. I wasn’t recovering well, I had no energy during my workouts and I’ll I wanted to do was be lazy and be a couch potato. I just felt miserable. Luckily, I finally give in and did the food intolerance testing.

Since I got the results back I have been gluten, dairy, egg, soy and whey free. I won’t say that it’s been easy, but it hasn’t been as difficult as I expected it to be. Mostly it hasn’t been as difficult staying away from so many foods that I used to love because I can feel a difference in my body. I no longer feel like I want to sit on the couch and do nothing everyday. Yes, I still enjoy my naps and I still sleep a lot, but I think that’s just because I’m training for an Ironman and I need my sleep. My entire body doesn’t feel fatigued any more.

I’ve had to make a lot of changes to what I’ve been eating, and breakfast has been the hardest. What does one eat in the morning for protein when eggs are not allowed?? Since I was eliminating so much anyway, I’ve also made an attempt to eliminate as many food additives as possible. They are in everything! Luckily, I’ve found a local farm (Jordandal Farms) where I can get “healthy” (ok – healthier) bacon and sausage to give me some additional breakfast protein options. I’ve also been trying to add more fruits and vegetables to my diet and trying new foods. I’m better at trying new fruits, but I’m back to adding spinach to my morning smoothie (which I now make with coconut milk).

One of the other things I noticed once I got rid of all the junk, was I’m actually really hungry now! My coach used to tell me all the time that I wasn’t getting enough calories, but I just wasn’t hungry enough to eat any more. Now I actually feel hunger and am eating real food! I’ve eaten out a few times and have been tempted to “cheat” (like when someone ordered mini doughnuts at breakfast yesterday and the waiter set them down right in front of me!) but actually being able to feel the difference in my body as helped me stay on track so far. The thing that has helped the most is making sure I have leftovers ready at all times. When I’m tired, over-hungry or just don’t feel like cooking, I can’t swing by a fast food place or make a PB&J sandwich at home any more. Eliminating so many foods definitely takes a lot more planning.

I’m going out of town next week for work. I’ll be gone for almost a week. I’m a little apprehensive since I know it will be hard to find food I can eat in the airport. I’m planning on bringing some food with me and I did get a hotel room with a kitchen, so hopefully that will help. No more pizza delivery to the hotel when I get back from work though! (I think I miss my pizza the most). Overall, I’m happy to report that 5-weeks in I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet! I’m happy to be feeling better and excited to know that I’m making healthier food choices!


About triingtochange

I swim, I bike, I run, I've participated in triathlons and I'm starting to get used to calling myself a triathlete. Triathlon training has made a lot of positive changes in my lifestyle, my friendships, my outlook on life and my frame of mind. I still have a long way to go, but that's why I'm TRI-ing to change! Join my on my journey to Ironman Arizona 2013!
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