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Running: Love it or Hate it??

Running: Love it or Hate it?? I ask myself this question on a daily basis. And anyone that knows me knows that running will be the most difficult part of the race for me. Ironically, I got started doing triathlons … Continue reading

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Stressing a Little Less

I have felt like I was really struggling during my workouts the past few weeks. My runs have been difficult, my legs have felt heavy on the bike and my arms have felt like they were swimming through mud. I’ve … Continue reading

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I Signed Up for Ironman… And Then I Panicked

I signed up for Ironman Arizona on Monday! I has taken a few days for everything to sink in but I think I’m finally adjusting to the idea. I volunteered for the race which meant I was able to register … Continue reading

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Maybe I Can Be a Runner Afterall…

I probably should have written this post on Sunday but I spend so much time on my computer during the week that I try not to even open it on the weekends. So it’s a few days late, but better … Continue reading

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Fall Weather Running at its Best

I was hoping to get some great pictures of the leaves as I was running this weekend, but I got so caught up in the run that I forgot (and I’m pretty sure a lot of them have already fallen … Continue reading

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